DevLog: Playing around with dumb ideas

Let me tell you a sad story about someone that overcomplicates things.

I've been tinkering with the idea of having different spacecrafts and stuff. Between all that the option of changing your craft, but in order to make certain crafts work, I needed a way to... let's say, get out of them, change to another one maybe, then go to the shop.

For example, I already did some that will not fit through that station hole! 

These here are estimates (didn't grab a ruler or anything and that "m" sign is pretty made up since nothing follows a scale anyway), but overall it's a size comparison. As you can see, those two last juggernauts don't fit inside that hole. And I might make something bigger!

So my idea was that in order to get inside the space station, you ride your juggernaut close enough to the station, leave it floating there (as long as you don't make enemies or leave it too close to a planet or something it will be fine!). Grab a smaller spaceship, then go to the shop for groceries! Or fuel, should I say. And trade, of course. You will need to have space on your little ship in order to carry whatever you want to trade and stuff.

And this turns into "why the hell are you making your character get out of the ship? Isn't that too much?" WELL! My friend. I find it dumb to shop from the inside of the ship, like the fast food drive-thrus. I don't know, felt it was better. You'll not jump or anything, just walk and be a little cockroach.

That leaves me do something I like to do aside from ripping ideas. Character design. I'm not proficient at modelling but I do my best. After thinking for a while decided against making humans at all, dunno why but I've recently been a fan (?) of horned things. I also wanted some kind of indigenous-looking dark elf, or something like that. I love putting red on my main characters so that went on "her skirt" (was going against making it male/female since it's not human hence I can forget about genders, but hell, I always end up making females --nothing is final anyways).

And... yeah. What else to say? I'll continue working on the ships, specially on making moving crafts through the galaxy. Have half of that code done, was planning how I would implement factions since I need that in order to make them fight each other (sometimes), or fight you, mind you.

But yeah. Log devlog. Things are slowly getting there, I think. I tend to get demotivated when I feel I'm being unproductive. But some things take longer to even be started. That's the way I work at least. I feel terrible if I start tackling something without planning all of its aspects first, and having a complete idea of how I'll solve every little thing. Then I get to work it out, and THEN find one extra thing I didn't thought about, but I have my mind clear on what I want and somehow manage to do it all (?). Whatever.

I need to sleep. Happy days everyone who reads, thanks.

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