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Inspired on other space trading games, Darkest Nebula is some kind of personal attempt of doing that. This one has newtonian physics though, so controlling the ship might be a little more complicated.

Right now the game includes free movement through a small galaxy quadrant. You can recollect iron ore by breaking asteroids with your weaponry, and travel until you have no fuel.


Simply explore, break , and please let me know what you think the controls feel like. Also feel free to talk about framerates and consider sharing your PC specs. The game is still in early development so that might be still an issue.


  • Tab - Toggles on/off the entire ship.
  • L - Turn on/off the lights.
  • C - Change to next camera.
  • F1 to F12 - Change to specific camera. F1 is third person view, F2 is first person view. Available cameras depend on the spacecraft
  • W/S - Thrust forward and backwards
  • Numpad8/Numpad2 - Thrust up/down.
  • Numpad4/Numpad6 - Thrust left/right.
  • A/D - Roll.
  • Up/Down - Pitch.
  • Left/Right - Yaw.
  • Right Shift - Speed stabilizer (equalizes your speed to a target).
  • Spacebar - Hyperthrust.
  • Backspace - Power brakes.
  • Ctrl - Main weapon
  • Alt - Subweapon 1
  • Left Shift - Subweapon 2
  • Numbers 0 to 9 - Change weapon loadout*
  • Left Click - Select a target with the pointer (a.k.a. mouse).

*In the demo you have four weapons, but only three buttons. Since the amount of weapon slots varies from a spacecraft to another (might even consider making battleships with 20+ weapons), I thought about making kind of loadouts. So you have three, maybe more firing buttons with which you use all your weapons. By default there is three loadouts.

  • 0: Ctrl fires Laser. Alt fires both Left and Right Missiles. Shift does nothing.
  • 1: Ctrl fires Left Missile. Alt fires Right Missile.
  • 2: Ctrl fires Tractor Beam.


  • Other spacecrafts.
  • Factions.
  • Travelling through galaxy quadrants.
  • Buy/sell stuff at space station markets.
  • Buy a new spacecraft or reequip the one you have.
  • Missions.
  • Write some backstory and add a library or something.
  • Probably more.


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by muramasa · 1 post
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