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In a long forgotten era, the end is near for humans. Is in this despair where a small town exists, sheltered from radiation and demons inside a profound cave.
Long thought as uninhabited, an evil appears at the cave, causing terror and despair.

A long forgotten hero, Khar, appears and confronts the evil. Battle unfolds, but it's too much of a challenge to the old hero. With the help of his daughter Mao and his son-in-law, Oscar, they drive the evil away. But Khar finds himself under a curse caused by the evil. So, to lift its curse, he must seek the evil again, and vanquish it once and for all.

Khar, Mao and Oscar then set foot to the inner places of the cave.

Taking a regular RPG as a base, there is not THAT much difference at the overall systems. Though here is a list of special features systems have (specially battle).

  • Skills can cost Gold, Life or Resistance (a.k.a. MP).
  • If your resistance is high, damage gets reduced by a lot and acts as a sponge (some of the damage gets deducted from resistance instead). Less resistance means more damage.
  • No levels. Instead, there is A LOT of power-up items.
  • Puzzles all around the place, just to mock you. Nana nana!
  • Lastly, encounters on map. Some maps don't even have any enemy (and actually there are some unused enemies because of bad planning "OTL).

  • Steal as much as possible!
  • Uhh... have fun?

  • Graphics and scripting all by meself (except one small bit of code I took from a collaboration script I did with some friends, namely Wecoc and Pokepik, and Gerkt).
  • Sounds from FreeSound.org, other sounds and some music are from FreeSFX.co.uk, while some pieces of music are property of Kevin MacLeod, under Non-Comercial use (incompetech.com).


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