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A classic-inspired RPG set in a post-apocaliptic world.  This game includes both English/Spanish languages.

Story Synopsis

Millions of years after a devastating incident in a world similar to ours, humanity strives for survival against the planet's own evolution. Explore the dimensions and the continuums of time and space in this hybrid of fantasy and sci-fi. 

Fight with magic, swords and knowledge. Explore and understand, discover the real face of the world.


  • An epic adventure with lots of places to explore and interact!
  • SNES/GBA styled low-res graphics.
  • Fight against hordes of enemies in tactical battles!
  • A lively world! Simulation of time passing, that influences most places!
  • And best of all, forever free!

Visit the webpage:
By clicking thelogo below, you can check the game's webpage, there you can find... stuff!

Ragnarökr Project Website
The best place in the world :^)

Install instructions

How to play?

Download and decompress the ZIP file. Inside you'll find a directory containing the Game.exe which is the executable. Use your hand and your preferred pointing device to move the cursor over the icon, and press whatever button two times. Or use your keyboard to navigate using the Windows Explorer, and when you finally move the cursor and select the Game.EXE file, press Enter with all your might and rejoice.

I wanted to be more specific but I don't want to write an essay about how to move your fingers. I'm sorry.


Drekirokr v2018_RC2.zip 60 MB

Development log